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We are excited that you're thinking of joining our community. 

Here is information on the application process for Preschool & Elementary School. 

:: Parent/Guardian Tour

Parents should schedule a tour before bringing their student. Tours are for adults only.


:: Application Form

We are in the process switching over to an online application. Once you have completed your tour we will send you access to the online application. 


:: Application Fee

There is a $50.00 application fee due when you submit your application. 


:: School Visit For Student

Applicants should schedule a campus visit. Visit days are by appointment and usually are scheduled in March. 


Applicants to Preschool will have a 1 hour visit with their parent or guardian to assess a good fit.


Applicants for K-5 will spend 2 full days in the appropriate classroom. 


:: Tuition Assistance Application

Tuition Assistance is available fro grades K-5. The application deadline is March 1st. Applications received by the deadline will be given priority. Late applications will be accepted depending on available funds.


We have no scheduled tours at this time.

We will release our tour dates in the fall of 2023

and schedule tours October through January. 

Tours are for adults only. Space is limited. Tours must be scheduled in advance.


Contact the office at or (805) 688-5440 to set up a tour. 

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