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Silent Auction

Rose Cut Sapphire and Diamond

18K Gold Pendant Necklace by Johnny Ninos

Johnny Ninos
Rose Cut Sapphire, Diamond and  18K Gold Pendant, 18” 14K Gold Chain
Value: $2,300

Johnny Ninos, Green Door parent and Midland art teacher, creates stunning hand-crafted fine jewelry with recycled metals and ethically sourced diamonds.  

Johnny received his BFA from Alfred University where he studied sculpture.  Post college he began teaching in the Visual Arts and boiling his skills down to a more intimate scale.  Now viewing jewelry as wearable sculpture, Johnny is inspired by the delicate and complex connections and systems found in nature.  Spending time along the California coast exploring intertidal formations and ecosystems has greatly influenced his current collections.  

All work is handmade using recycled metal and conflict free diamonds in his studio in Los Olivos, CA. 

"Mothers Love" by Kimerlee Curyl

Kimerlee Curyl

“Mothers Love” Utah Wild Horses 24 x 36 metal sublimation

Value $3550.00

Limited Edition 2/10

Kimerlee Curyl's work reflects passion, purpose and is fused with environmental consciousness.  She delivers imagery that is unique, dramatic and evocative.  Emphasizing graceful lines, rich textures and a window into the emotional world of what is left of our WILDNESS.  All works are of our remaining wild horses - the very salt of this earth, unrestrained, owned by no one, living on our vast public lands.  Images are captured with patience, on their terms and absolutely nothing is contrived.  Your experiencing the raw, natural, wild and free world through her heart and her lens.  Kimerlee has been raising awareness for our remaining wild horses through these works since 2004.  Just a few of notable collectors are Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Redford, Ralph Lauren stores.  A mural of her works welcome you in the grand entry staircase at the Archer Hotel in Austin,TX and recently a collection of 8 were purchased by the new Stamford, CT hospital in efforts to ease patients and family while waiting for loved ones during difficult times. 

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