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Welcome to Blue Door


Julieta Guerrero - Co-Teacher


Jasmine Valladolid - Teacher's Aid


Nikki Castrellon - Co-Teacher


Jayla Garoutte - Teacher's Aid

We are so excited to welcome you to our Multiage K/1 classroom!


Multiage classes are different than combination classes. Rather than having two separate curriculums for the two grade levels within a classroom (combination class model) multiage classrooms address individual needs within a shared curriculum.  


For instance, instead of studying geometry separately in  Blue Door, students will study geometry as a group and the work involved will depend on how each child grasps the concepts. All students participate in the general geometry lesson and then apply a basic geometry practice, advanced geometry practice or extended practice as is appropriate for them.  This can also be called learning on a continuum.


A learning continuum places skills in order, allowing a teacher, parent and student to clearly see where a student is in the process, where they have been and the next steps in their development.  While some students continue across the continuum in a sequential manner, others may travel forward and backwards as they are exposed to and master skills.  Academic achievement will not be limited to what Door a child is in, nor will a child who is still developing certain skills be left behind. For more information visit


We look forward to meeting you,


Julieta, Nikki, Jasmine & Jayla

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