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Spanish with Jasmine

Jasmine Valladolid
Teacher's Aide, Blue Door
Spanish Teacher


with Jasmine Valladolid

Substantial research indicates that learning a second language from an early age enhances listening skills, memory, problem solving and boosts creativity.


As a Spanish teacher, I strive to create an active learning environment that engages students through multiple means of representation to help make the material more comprehensible for all learners. Classes cover various language topics through a wide range of activities such as music, games, group projects and activities, as well as reflection on their learning, and so much more.


Learning a language goes hand in hand with our school philosophy centered around multiculturalism. This learning of language encourages children to appreciate how big the world is and opens their minds to a more global perspective. My main mission is to create a fun, positive, meaningful and challenging classroom that contributes to a child’s sense of place in our ever-changing world.

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