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Welcome to Green Door


Kalynn Hubbard - Preschool Director Teacher 4 yr olds


Lissa Samuel - Teacher 3 yr olds


Veronica Finley - Teacher


Linda Kinman - Teacher

Welcome students, families, and friends to Green Door where the magic of learning begins!


Our philosophy in Green Door is simple, create an environment where children can explore, create, and feel safe about unlocking the world around them. Our hope is that each student everyday has an opportunity to express their ideas and feelings, and knows that they are valued and cared for. Our goal is that each student will leave Green Door feeling confident and ready for the challenges that await them in their educational experiences as well as their personal ones.  


Click here to read a complete program description.  We hope you'll come by and visit our beautiful campus!


We look forward to meeting you,

Kalynn, Lissa, Veronica, Linda & Rachel


Rachel Ziemer - Teacher

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