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Hello Families,


The Green Door teachers and administrators have been busy getting ready for the new school year. This Action Plan is to inform families of the key elements of how the program will run while keeping students, staff, and families safe during the school year. It will also serve as a quick reference guide for you or for others that may be involved in the day to day of your child’s school year. More detailed information will be provided during the Parent Orientation. Orientation will happen via Zoom on Wednesday August 12th @ 9:00am or 7:30pm.


This plan was created using guidelines and resources from CDC, California Department of Public Health, Santa Barbara County Public Health, Licensing, Joffe Emergency Services, California Association of Independent Schools and other professional organizations and publications.  The school staff has participated in a plethora of webinars and training.


Having students on campus for in-person learning is a priority for the school and to our families.  Each family's choices impact the entire school community and the larger Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara County.  While Green Door is able to open, The Family School upper campus cannot open until county positive tests have decreased.  Masks, social distancing, hand washing and avoiding large groups can slow the spread of Covid-19 and reduce our numbers in the county.  Help us get all students back on campus.


Green Door Action Plan(GDAP) for 2020/2021

**Please turn in all paperwork by Monday, August 10th**

Paperwork is attached and will be mailed as well


Cohort Groups 

     The basis of our plan is a cohort model that limits students’ exposure to a limited ‘Cohort Group’ (a group of students and teacher that will form a family). Green Door will be broken up into 3 families, Green, Red, and Blue. Each Cohort Group will have a designated room and section of the yard dedicated to that Cohort Group. The Red and Green Cohort Group will divide the Green Door building up, and the Blue Cohort Group will be located in what is known as the Samala Room. The Yard will be broken up into 3 different sections/zones (Red Zone, Blue Zone, Green Zone). For one full week each Cohort Group will be assigned a zone. This is also where they will eat lunch.  The following week they will be assigned a different Zone, that way everyone has the opportunity to use all the play equipment that we offer. Our goal is to have one group outside at a time to ensure that germ groups stay separate, and to reduce the temptation to interact with other groups. Each Zone will be set up with water tables, large motor activities, small motor activities, and 2 or more tables for art activities and lunch.   


Parent’s role in Cohort Groups

     Parents play a critical role in a cohort model.  The model will be most successful when parents monitor and limit their child’s exposure outside of school.  Likewise, it relies on parents being extra vigilant around illness/COVID-19 symptoms in both their child and other family members and to keep their child home when they are sick.  We will be communicating with each family when their child is sick to track what illnesses are present at school.  We fully recognize that there will be normal illnesses occurring this year and we will be mindful of this fact.  

     In addition, we ask parents to be mindful of exposure to people who have traveled, especially to hotspots.  Having students on campus for in-person learning is a priority for the school and to our families.  Each family's choices impact the entire school community and beyond.



All 3 Cohort Groups will enjoy Music and Art outside on their designated day and time. 


Entry into school

All students will enter through the Green Door Parking Lot. Any adult dropping off or picking up will sign-in/out  at the gate with Kalynn/Kay/Julianne. Parents are required to wear a mask in the parking lot and on campus.

This year we will have staggered drop off and pick up times.


Drop-off: Green Cohort 8:30-8:45, Red 8:45-9:00, Blue 9:00-9:15

  • Sign-in

  • Health Check 

  • Take Temp

  • Say good-bye at gate

  • Wash Hands

  • Items in Cubby

  • Any student arriving after 9:15 must check in at the office


Half Day Students

Pick-up: Green, Red, and Blue Cohorts will be picked up at 1:00. They will be waiting at their designated lunch table waiting for their family to arrive.

  • Sign-out  

  • Quick check in with family


Full Day Students

Pick-up:  Green Cohort 2:45-3:00, Red 3:00-3:15, Blue 3:15-3:30

  • Student waiting at gate

  • Sign-out  

  • Quick check in with family


Face Coverings

  • Per state mandate, teachers are required to wear face coverings.

  • Per county/state guidelines, students 3 years of age and up are required to wear face coverings.

  • Please have a spare mask available in their extra clothes bag.

  • Parents are required to wear a mask in the parking lot and on campus.



  • Professional cleaning will occur early every morning prior to school

  • Teachers will be wiping down all large furniture, doorknobs, light switches, and tables throughout the day

  • Each cohort will have their cohort’s toys and tools.  All inside toys and tools will be disinfected and cleaned at the end of each day

  • All outside toys and equipment will be disinfected and cleaned at the end of each day

  • Each room will be equipped with a diffuser and plants to help clean the air naturally 

  • All windows will remain open overnight and until the inside environment gets too hot or too cold

  • All HVAC units have been upgraded to maximize the air quality 

  • Each room will have an air purifier



  • Students will wash hands upon arrival, before snack, lunch, after using the bathroom and before leaving school.  Two outdoor sinks are available to facilitate regular hand washing outside.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in all classrooms and outdoor areas

  • An isolation space will be designated for staff or a student that needs to be isolated due to possible illness while at school

  • Each Cohort will have a designated sink for the year



  • Yard will be broken up into 3 different Zones

  • Each group will be assigned a Zone for the week

  • All equipment and toys will be sanitized and cleaned at the end of each day



  • Snack (pre-packaged)

  • Teachers will open and pass out snack to each student

  • Each Cohort Group will eat snack in their designated room



  • Teacher will wipe down lunch tables before and after lunch

  • Each Cohort Group will eat lunch in their assigned outdoor Zone

  • Each group will have their own trash can

  • Lunch box will be left in cubby before and after lunch


Rest Time

  • Each Cohort Group will stay in their designated room for rest time

  • Each cot will have a sheet that must be removed on the last school day of week, washed, and returned on the student’s first day back. Parents are fully responsible for the washing and returning of all nap items.

  • Label sheet, blanket, and pillow with student’s name (student may bring a rest toy, but it can not be bigger than a beanie baby, and can only be removed from the container in cubby at rest time)

  • Pillow will remain in cubby until rest time

  • Every student will be placed 3ft apart from each other and alternating head to feet per licensing 

  • Cots will be cleaned and sanitized every Friday and after every accident


Remote Learning

If your child is participating in Remote Learning they have the opportunity to Zoom with their classmates for Morning and Midday Learning Circle. Posted on the Family School website will be 2 small motor activity videos, 2 song/story videos, 3 worksheets, 5 activity suggestions, and an activity packet full of supplies needed for 2 weeks. Teachers will check in every week with families to assess needs and talk with students. 


After Care

  • To be determined 


Cohort Members (green, red or blue)

  • To be determined and communicated by end of next week


Parent Orientation

Orientation will happen via Zoom on Wednesday August 12th @ 9:00am or 7:30pm. This will be a time to clarify any questions that you may have, introduce ourselves to the Green Door Family, and talk about the first Family Project.


General illness and COVID-19 Symptoms

     We know that there is a chance there will be a case of COVID-19 in our school community this year.  The chart below shows the steps we will take in regards to COVID-19 symptoms on campus. This chart is based on required steps from the California Department of Public Health.  We are committing to communicating with our families beyond what is recommended by Public Health.  


     Privacy is also a priority.  When we communicate about COVID-19 related illnesses, we will be speaking in a general nature to the larger community via email and directly via phone to those families directly affected.  A sample general message may read like:  “A member of Green Door has had a known contact with a COVID-19 positive individual” or “ A member of the upper campus has tested positive for COVID-19”, followed by the steps we are taking.** Please communicate directly with Julianne or Kay in regards to tests and test results so that confidentiality can be honored and maintained to the best of our ability.

Green Door action plan August 2020.jpg

Green Door teachers are thrilled to start the school year. We know it will be different, but we are excited for the challenge and can’t wait to explore, create, and discover with our students and families.


Partners in Education,

Kalynn, Lissa, Veronica, Julieta, Crisi

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