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What, exactly, is the “TFS Party Book”?

The TFS Party book is a fundraiser for The Family School. The money raised helps to  fund essentials for the school including materials for art, music, PE, etc. TFS Families generously offer to host or sponsor parties throughout the school year. TFS students and their parents pay to attend the parties and ALL the proceeds go to help TFS make a difference in your kids education. 

Who can attend the Parties?

Anyone and everyone, even people outside of the TFS Community. Some parties will be family oriented, some especially for kids and others just for adults. Invite your friends!

Do I have to host a party alone?

Nope. Get together with friends and other TFS families to sponsor or host a party.

Are my contributions as a Host or a Sponsor tax deductible?

If i pay to attend a party is that tax deductible too?

YES and YES!

What kinds of parties are in the Party Book?

There should be something for everyone.  Parties can include anything from pizza parties, kids activities like skateboarding and art, parents nights out at restaurants, private events and concerts hosted in the homes of TFS Families and much more!!!

What do I do if I have a great idea for a party and want to host or sponsor?

We welcome all ideas! Please email if you would like to host a party.

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