Welcome to P.E. with Jose!

A big hello to all members of the SYV Family School community!


This year I will be doing my best to provide our students with an interactive, educational,

and (at very least) entertaining PE program. Each week we will be covering three topics of personal health and wellness. 


  • 1. Physical - Learning about how our bodies function, which foods provide the most nutritional value, and making sure we exercise regularly to keep our muscles strong. 


  • 2. Mental - Realizing that our minds are the most powerful muscle of all. When we focus on understanding how we think, act, and react to our surroundings; we begin to find out more about ourselves and what we need to feel our best. 


  • 3. Social/Emotional - Applying both independent and group oriented skills such as critical thinking, communication, and problem solving. 

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your flexibility and understanding during this time of Remote Learning. We will get through this together and come out stronger than ever. 


Wishing everyone physical, mental and emotional wellness. 


Jose Farias
(The luckiest PE Teacher in the world) 

Below are links to last school year’s remote learning program saved via google drive.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to access any and all resources provided there.

Explore and see if you can find something that you really enjoy!


Green Door's

P.E. Folder

Click Here


Blue Door's

P.E. Folder

Click Here


Red Door's

P.E. Folder

Click Here


Purple Door's

P.E. Folder

Click Here


Kindness Cards

Using index cards, create 5-10 positive self talk cards to use everyday. You may choose to include pictures, quotes, or personal statements.

Each picture, quote, or personal statement you include must inspire

and empower you. We have all been told to be kind to others, but

what about ourselves?


Kindness starts with YOU. It’s hard to be kind and spread joy when we

don’t feel it ourselves. We all have things we are going through that

cause us to feel down in the dumps. These kindness cards are designed

to boost your mood and help you look on the bright side of life!


Please create at least 5 kindness cards that fit who you are

personally. Have fun and remember.. Your emotions matter. Listen to

them, face them, and learn from them.



Jose's Wake Up Warm Up

9 Minute Exercise

Smallfoot: Do The Yeti | GoNoodle

Workouts for Kids by LesMills

Yoga Freeze Dance

I’m So Happy - Sing and Dance along

Take a Virtual Hike!


Square Breathing

Puffer Fish Breathe Along




Additional Resources 

Hello TFS families :) Upon request from many students, I have provided a link to the UNICEF Kids Power Up family homepage. It describes what the program is and how it is used to help others around the world. Take a look at the webpage in order to decide if you would like to create your own account for you and your family to participate at home. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Get Active. Save Lives. 



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