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Welcome to Purple Door


Kellyn Allavie - Teacher


Jose Farias - Teacher's Aid

Purple Door is a place for discovery, inquiry, growth, and play. Here, we foster a love of curiosity and learning in all forms. Each day will offer new chances to discuss, question, and communicate in a safe and encouraging environment.


Purple Door is a unique learning community which evolves over the course of two years. Each year will present new challenges and opportunities to work through and solve conflicts. Students have the chance to learn about the physical world around them through science. We will discover who came before us as we delve into the histories of California and the United States, as well as consider our own unique positions in this time and place in which we live. In math, students will extend their understanding of number sense, enhance their computation skills, and interpret how data is presented. We will tell stories, read and discuss novels, and develop our writing abilities as a group that values giving and accepting constructive feedback.


Purple Door is a place to grow as a responsible group of students and leaders. This includes attending a week-long overnight trip, volunteering to help with service projects, as well as becoming leaders on campus who learn to take responsibility for their actions, advocate for themselves, and support their peers.

We hope you come by for a visit to see our beautiful campus.


We look forward to meeting you!

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