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Welcome Back

How wonderful was the rain!! Yeah for rainboots and a rainbow!!

Dates to Remember:

  • Monday, Feb. 18 - NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Day, Teacher In Service

  • Wed. - Thurs. 1/28 & 1/28 - Beginning Green Door Conferences

  • OPEN HOUSES - Thursday 1/28 and Saturday 1/30 - 9:30 - 11:00

  • ​If you have any friends curious about The Family School difference, invite them to one of these open houses.

Community Information:


Our Blue Door teachers, Chelsea and Tiffany, will be teaching an ongoing afternoon science class to each class, from Blue Door to Purple Door starting as soon as next week. They have designed a mulit-week unit that teaches engineering to students through the study and parctice of building Rube Goldberg machines. (This link is to some fun, short videos showing Rube Goldberg machines) Chelsea and Tiffany are looking to the parents for help in assembling a kit of building materials for each child. They plan to be creative and open to ideas the students have about their unique machines, however the supplies that would be helpful for each kit (1 per child) are:

1 small cup

1 large cup

1 pulley

2 pipe cleaners

4 dowels

4 popsicle sticks

4 straws

1 ping pong ball

4 marbles

2 plastic spoons

8 dominoes (they have some but could use more)

4 toothpicks

1 toilet paper tube

Other materials that will be helpful include: Masking tape




Assorted balls

Check with your classroom teacher about specific needs for that class.

Drive Gently: Just a GENTLE reminder to drive carefully down Figueroa Mountain Rd. Although the speed limit is 55, please drive more slowly especially at the beginning, near the houses, and by Chamberlin ranch. Remember to be courteous to neighbors, bicyclists, pedestrians and animals!

Lost and Found: We're accumulating jackets already! Keep your eye on the table by the entrance for anything that belongs to you!

So happy to see all the smiling faces back at school!

Have a great weekend,

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