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All School Pasta Pot Luck

News and Happenings for the week of Sept. 19-23

This Week:

  • Thursday, 22: 5 - 7 pm - All School Pasta Pot Luck! Come and hang out in the Green Door yard and have dinner with other families from The Family School. This is a fun evening for the entire school to spend time with old friends and hopefully make some new ones!

  • Families from each door bring enough for 10

  • Purple Door - Bread

  • Red Door - Fruits and Veggies

  • Blue Door - Pasta

  • ​Green Door - Beverages

  • Friday, 23: 8:15 am - Coffee Cart! (AKA Grass Mountain Café) Genevieve Herrick, mom to Amelie in RD and Orin in PD is our head barista! Here are some words from her about Grass Mountain Café:

Come to the Grass Mountain Café! Every Friday morning at 8:15am, we are open for business, serving espresso drinks, coffee, and a selection of teas. Located to the right of the office as you walk onto campus, the coffee cart is a great place to have your morning coffee and visit with other Family School parents. Most of us are so busy coming and going that we don’t have a chance to meet parents from different doors or connect with old TFS friends. The Grass Mountain Café provides an informal, social meeting place for our school community.

The Grass Mountain Café is not only a great place to hang out, but the coffee is also really good! We offer latté, cappuccino, mocha, macchiato, americano, and more, all using high quality, organic ingredients and a traditional espresso machine from local artisan, Salvatore. Former Family School parents, Brad & Leyla Williams, donate espresso beans from their roasting company, the Loony Bean.

The coffee cart runs entirely on volunteer power and donations. The baristas are Family School parents giving their time to serve coffee and create a social space for our community. This year our crew consists of two new baristas, Green Door moms, Anna DeLaski and Emily Harwell and returning baristas Lori Lama, Amy Grenier, Jackie Reyes, and Genevieve Herrick.

While we don’t charge a set price for our drinks, we need donations to cover the cost of supplies. All additional proceeds go directly to the school. Please come enjoy the coffee cart and donate to keep Grass Mountain Café afloat and to benefit the school!

  • 9:30 am - All School Hike! Once a month, Blue Door through Purple Door students take a hike on Midland's property. Parents are welcome to join us. So, after you're done getting coffee from Grass Mountain Café, join us for our first hike! What should your student make sure they have? See if they know!​



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Annual Fund:

We are in the midst of our Annual Fund Drive. You should have received your letter in the mail. Unlike last year, we want to end our Annual Fund drive on December 31st. We need your help to make that goal.

100% Participation

Regardless of your financial giving ability, we need you to make an Annual Fund donation. As we apply for grants and outside funding, foundations look to see if we have 100% participation by our current parents, board and faculty. From $25 to $25,000, every donation counts.

Unable to make a donation now?

If you are financially unable to make a donation right now, you can make a pledge with Kay, and she will bill you at a later date. Just call or stop by and talk with her. Kay's email is or you can reach her at 805-688-5440.

Thank you to those of you who have already made your donation for the 2016/2017 Annual Fund Drive. We look forward to filling our tree with leaves.

Julianne Tullis-Thompson

Community Information:

Have a great week!

Ruth Kelley

Director of Communications

The Family School

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