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Our Philosophy

At SYV Family School, we believe academic, social and emotional growth are all equally important to grow confident, engaged learners/human beings. We create a safe and supportive environment that allows students to focus on learning and their innate curiosity. 


At each door, we increase a child’s movement toward their role as student and independent responsible learner. Teachers are able to focus on individual abilities because of their intimate observation and understanding of each child. Staff collaboration enables us to scaffold each child’s growth as they progress through the doors. Students gain self confidence through this continuous support, positive feedback and opportunities to take on and see themselves in challenging roles.


To accomplish this, the following three principles are foundational to our program: 

  • Developmentally Appropriate: There are specific needs and ranges of readiness at each age/grade level. We recognize this and develop lessons accordingly.

  • Individually Based: Learning happens on a continuum. Children move across the continuum in each subject at their own rate.


  • Group Focus: How do we address the needs of the individual while working with the whole group. Everyone has something to offer.

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