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 to the 2023-2024 School Year

If you are a dreamer, come in… 

​         - Shel Silverstein, "Invitation"


Deciding what school is the right fit for your child and your family is one of those monumental decisions you face in life.  Each of us had a school experience and that influences what we want for our children, whether it is something similar to what we had or something different.  When I first interviewed for a part-time teaching position at SYV Family School, I could not have imagined that I would be here 17 years later, loving every minute.  I dreamed of a school where students would be seen, heard and known and where learning was more than just filling out worksheets and taking tests.  When I started at SYV Family School, I knew I had found the school I dreamed was possible.


The best way to figure out what school is right for your family is to visit and get a sense of the place.  When people visit SYV Family School,  there are few things they notice: the setting, the students, and the learning.


We are fortunate to be located on the beautiful Midland School property,  below ‘owotoponus or Grass Mountain.  Our campus has several outdoor learning spaces and nature is prevalent.  This is a place where kids get dirty and experience the world with their whole body.  Our monthly hikes bring us even closer to our natural world, observing the changing of the seasons on our walks through protected land.


When you enter a SYVFS classroom, you will notice a few things: a variety of learning spaces, kids working quietly, and kids engaged in conversation.  Interaction with curriculum, teachers, and other students cements the content and builds muscle memory of the skill. How do you learn best? What do you think about that? How did you know that to be true?  These are all questions you will hear being asked and answered by our students. 


Tenacity, leadership, advocacy.  These skills are taught in math, writing, music, and Spanish, and even on the playground. There is more to school and life than reading, writing, and arithmetic and that is apparent at SYV Family School.  If we approach each moment as a learning possibility, then the job of learning becomes a joy, something as natural as breathing.  It never stops and it is a part of who we are.


I hope you will come to campus and see our school and dream alongside us of what a school can be.  I look forward to seeing you soon!

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