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Celebrating Our SYV Family School Legacy: An Alumni Spotlight on Francesca Davis

At SYV Family School, we have always believed that education is about more than just acquiring knowledge; it's about fostering a sense of community, nurturing lasting values, and creating bonds that stand the test of time. In this interview with one of our cherished alumni, Francesca Davis, we delve into her journey from SYV Family School to college graduation and beyond.

Strong Relationships

Francesca, who graduated from SYV Family School in 2011, warmly recalls her time at school, citing one unforgettable memory that still brings a smile to her face. "I loved drama class and doing plays," she shares. "I think one of my favorite memories was in fifth grade when we did 'Peter Pan.' I just remember we loved rehearsing it and it was such a fun experience and one of the last things we did together as a class." Additionally, Francesca recalls fond memories of building sand cities as a class, not because they had to, but because they chose to.

The SYV Family School community is renowned for fostering strong bonds among its students. Francesca reflects on the unique closeness she experienced. "I think it has a lot to do with being a small group of people, and within our classes, we had a lot of team-based activities such as difficult hikes, doing laps and seeing how far we went on a map, and buddies. Things like that foster those close connections."

In addition to strong, lasting relationships between students, SYV Family School's dedicated educators have a profound impact on students' lives, and Francesca is no exception. She fondly remembers two teachers who left a lasting impression. "Specifically, Amy, who was the drama teacher, and my second-grade teacher, Cara, both made me feel comfortable learning how to speak in front of people and perform."

Skills and Values: Confidence in Learning

When asked about the values and skills instilled by SYV Family School, Francesca emphasizes the importance of freedom in learning. "Having the freedom for so long to learn without judgment or competitiveness and developing a love for school and learning about things without needing to be 'good enough' gave me a lot of confidence to do well in school later on and for the rest of my academic career."

Francesca graduated from Northeastern University in the Spring of 2023 with a degree in Political Science and International Affairs. Currently, she is preparing to take the LSAT in preparation for attending law school.

Legacy and Advice: Cherishing the Family School Experience

As Francesca looks back on her time at SYV Family School, she has a poignant message for current students: "It's a unique, rare experience to be in that sort of environment. You’ve got freedom and connections and feel like you're surrounded by family, in an academic environment. It's special and something I will always be grateful for."

Conclusion: The Impact of the SYV Family School Experience

Francesca's SYV Family School journey continues to shape her life in remarkable ways. "The biggest impact has a lot to do with the people and connections I made here. My friends from Family School are still some of my closest friends to this day. My brother is also good friends with those he went to school with."

Francesca's insights into the enduring impact of SYV Family School resonate deeply with the core values and principles that have guided our institution for half a century. We are immensely proud to have been a part of her educational journey.

Thank you, Francesca, for sharing your inspiring journey with us and being a testament to the enduring legacy of the SYV Family School community.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we invite all our alumni to reconnect, share their stories, and celebrate the bonds that make SYV Family School truly special. Stay tuned for more alumni spotlights as we continue to commemorate our rich history.

For inquiries or to share your own Family School story, please contact Erica Olesen at and follow us on social media at @thesyvfamilyschool and @syvfamilyschoolalumni.

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