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Teacher Spotlight: Lissa

Welcome to the first installment of our Teacher Spotlight series! Dive into our chat with the amazing Lissa, one of our stellar educators at SYVFS. Discover what fuels her drive to be an educator and get a sneak peek into her world. Here's what she had to say...

Why did you choose to be a teacher?

When asked about her career choice, Lissa shared her childhood aspirations. "I wanted to be a Teacher or a Forest Ranger; I have always enjoyed being around children and discovering new things with them." Lissa finds the most rewarding aspect of being an educator is "learning new information and seeing things from different points of view," she highlighted. When talking about sources of inspiration, Lissa emphasized the importance of kindness and the act of sharing new ideas. She draws inspiration from creating a positive atmosphere that encourages individuals to freely share their thoughts and perspectives within the classroom.

The SYVFS Experience

Lissa expressed admiration for the warm and supportive environment at SYVFS. She particularly appreciates witnessing the growth of her students from Green Door as they transition to the Upper Campus doors. "To see how they change but also stay the same" is a sentiment that deeply resonates with her. For Lissa, the big field with a view of Grass Mountain is her favorite place on campus. She enjoys admiring the beauty of our environment here. Teaching has taught her an important lesson about herself: that there is always more to learn and discover. This realization has fueled her passion for continuous personal and professional growth. 

Passions Beyond the Classroom

Outside of school, Lissa finds fulfillment by gardening. She spoke of the joy she feels while watching a seed transform into a plant, and being surrounded by nature. Additionally, her garden yields delicious crops such as tomatoes and grapes. When asked about her favorite place, Lissa said she really likes “the mountains while sitting by a babbling brook". Lissa shared her words of wisdom that,"Getting old is not for sissies!". Reminding us of the strength and resilience required as we journey through different stages of life. When reflecting on her journey as a teacher, Lissa mentioned that her favorite project she has ever completed with her student’s was building the Cob Greenhouse and Cob Playhouse. She also finds enjoyment in adding new equipment to Green Door and engaging in gardening activities with the children.

We are inspired by the dedication and passion displayed by Lissa at SYVFS. Her commitment to nurturing young minds, promoting growth, and embracing the wonders of nature is truly commendable. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all Lissa!


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