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Santa Ynez Valley 
Family School

Different By Design


About Us

The Santa Ynez Valley Family School is an independent school in Los Olivos, CA nurturing preschool - 5th grade students to develop their joy in learning.


Dive into SYV Family School's holistic approach to education, where we embrace the whole child and foster a joy in learning. From our immersive preschool experiences to our dynamic upper campus curriculum, we offer a unique blend of traditional and innovative teaching methods. Explore how we integrate social-emotional growth with academic excellence, nurturing every student's innate gifts. 



Begin your family's journey with SYV Family School, a community where every student's potential is recognized and nurtured. From the first steps in our preschool to the collaborative learning on our upper campus, our admissions process is designed to ensure a harmonious fit for every learner. Take the next step towards a transformative educational experience.

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