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Fall 2023 Thanksgiving Sharing

As the autumn leaves fall and we embrace the changing weather and cozy ambiance of the season, we find ourselves looking back on a fall school season filled with growth, camaraderie, and gratitude within our beloved SYV Family School community. With heartfelt appreciation, we express our thanks for the incredible experiences that unfolded throughout the fall and for our two cherished Thanksgiving traditions this past week.

Turkey Trot: Running in Unity

The annual Turkey Trot, a lively event that took place around the big field, showcased our community's commitment to health, unity, and the outdoors. Students, parents, and alumni walked and ran around the field, enjoying each other’s company while working towards the Spanish Class lap goal of 5,000 laps (approximately all the way to Yellowstone National Park!). This event, supported by the dedication of volunteers, was not just a run; it was a celebration of community, wellness, and the joy of moving together.

Thanksgiving Sharing Circle: A Range of Gratitude

Our Whole School Thanksgiving Sharing Circle once again brought our community together, creating rich memories rooted in tradition and shared appreciation for how amazing our community truly is. Parents, teachers, students, and alumni joined together in a circle of gratitude, each sharing the unique things they were thankful for. From gratitude for friends and family to feeling thankful for food, outdoors, and pets, the gratitudes shared were diverse, reflecting the richness of our community. This tradition, woven with threads of thankfulness, stands as a testament to the vibrant spirit that defines our SYV Family.

Gratitude for Our Community

As we reflect on the past fall, our hearts overflow with gratitude for our parents, students, alumni families, and teachers. Your commitment and enthusiasm have shaped our school into a vibrant and supportive space filled with joy in learning. This year, we also want to extend special thanks to the volunteers through our Family Circle whose dedication brought these traditions and many others to life. Your time, energy, and passion contributed to the success and warmth of our community events.

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

As we share glimpses of these heartwarming moments, we invite you to relive the joy and camaraderie that defined this fall season. Our gratitude extends to each member of our SYV Family, creating a tapestry of shared experiences that enrich our educational journey.

We are wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving season filled with warmth, joy, and the spirit of togetherness.

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