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The SYV Family School Turns 50!

Updated: May 21

This September marks the 50th Anniversary of the SYV Family School and we’re ready to celebrate!

At its inception in 1974, the six founding families who joined together had a vision

for a school that educated the whole child where individual voices are heard, and play is at the center of developing minds and hearts. We owe the foundation of our vision and mission to those early families, and all of the valued alumni that followed, as each played a part in carrying that legacy forward for five decades. 

Different and Ever the Same

For everything that has changed and modernized over the decades around campus, the heart of the school remains the same. A focus on educating the whole child is still at the center of everything contained in the days and seasons that make up a school year. 

As always the gorgeous backdrop of the natural environment provides the space and also the inspiration for so much of the curriculum  A focus on seasons, our place in nature and our stewardship of the land and the earth as a whole, are still the foundation for math, science, writing, reading and social studies. 

Mindfulness Matters

It was important in the early days of the school, and perhaps even more important in our tech-heavy current times, that mindfulness and self-awareness are taught right along with geography and division. At SYVFS, academics holds just as much importance as self awareness, self advocacy and the power of creative and collaborative play. 

Understanding ourselves helps us to understand others better, which fosters compassion and community, two pillars of the school’s foundational principles. All of it serves a purpose and provides a framework for the bigger picture of life and a students place in the world. 

Outside Learning

To watch a day unfold on campus is to witness rigorous education combined with a natural and inclusive learning environment. At SYVFS fun learning still looks like math class at the picnic tables, and wiggling, spinning bodies learning what is 180 and 360 degrees. Integrating the mind with the body and the world around campus makes for a profound and lasting learning experience. 

This We Celebrate

It is for all of these reason that we celebrate this milestone 50th anniversary with the school’s largest “family reunion”. All are invited, as 50 years of alumni and beloved staff and faculty gather together on campus to reconnect and remember the many memories housed on the beautiful campus. 

The kick-off event, Bounty of the Valley, will be the beginning of a year of festivities to commemorate all of the people that have made the school a unique and lasting place of progressive education. 


The event will take place on Saturday, September 28th, 2024 on the SYV Family School campus, and you are invited to join, alumni, faculty and staff for dinner, dancing and a rousing live auction.

TICKETS are on sale on our website at

For event updates, fun memories and alumni spotlights, follow along on Instagram @syvfamilyschool for event updates, stories and your shared memories.

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